Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Smoothie madness!

Recently (okay, almost a year ago), I mentioned plans to get myself a smoothie maker. At that time, I theorized that I would go nuts with it. Well, I was recently given a Magic Bullet set as a gift and I'm here to report that it's worse (and by "worse", I mean "better") than I imagined it would be.
For starters, I got it last Friday and immediately went to the grocery store to get all manner of smoothie-able foods. Then I locked myself in my house and tried every possible combination I could think of. Some were better than others but all of them were really good. When I emerged some time the next morning, I ran out into the street, laughing maniacally with banana smoothie foaming from my mouth. I approached a stranger walking down the sidewalk, grabbed him by his lapels and shouted, "Listen to me; you make it in the cup... that you drink it out of!!". I ran over to an old lady waiting for the bus. "All you have to do for clean-up is rinse off the blades! You just rinse off the blades!" At one point, cops started following me. I threw a smoothie at them and said, "You can't stop me! I can do anything I want! I put apples and spinach together in the same smoothie. The frail bonds of this Earth are not capable of confining me!". As they pushed me into the back seat of their cruiser, I screamed, "MAGIC BULLET, MOTHERFUCKERS! AH HA HA HA HA HA!!"
Anyway, yeah. I like it. The Magic Bullet is pretty damn great.

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