Monday, August 04, 2014

A return to the world of fantasy sports

After a three year hiatus following a nasty falling-out that ruined the league I was in, I'm returning to the world of fantasy football. I think most fantasy leagues break up the same way most bands do; one person decides to be a pain in the ass for no good reason other than their own self-indulgence and eventually everyone else involved decides not to put up with it. This is a new league, though (at least for me). All new, different dudes and I like the guy who's running it, so I'm optimistic.
This is liable to be the first and last you hear of it because I truly believe that there are few things with less entertainment value than somebody talking about their fantasy team. Of course, if something fun does happen, I'll write about it, but you don't have to worry about tedious, pointless updates about my yet-to-be-drafted receiver's inability to gain yards after making a catch.
I've already named the team and designed their helmets, two of the most fun aspects of fantasy sports, as far as I'm concerned. Behold, the protective headgear of
The Ridiculously Inconsistent!
Nice, eh? Thanks! I agonized over it for, oh, several minutes, before deciding to use it as a marketing tool to push the blog as well as what will probably be an accurate description of the team itself. The name narrowly beat out the Buy My Book-ers. Other considered but ultimately rejected concepts...
The Existential Dreaders
I didn't have a name picked out but I've always liked the idea of this logo on a helmet
The Fighting Throwbacks. I really liked this one. Feel free to steal it.

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