Monday, August 11, 2014

An impromptu reading and an unsolicited review!

Remember that time I published a book? Well, that time was then and it's also now because the book is still in circulation. It will ALWAYS be in circulation. Some time in the distant future when my illegitimate half-ape (don't ask) great, great, great grandson is publishing fart jokes three times a week on this site, there will still be a link where people can buy that book!
Recently my friend, the vivacious and voluptuous Vanity Styles, introduced her friend Joe to the book. He apparently really enjoyed it. The proof is in the video she shot of Joe (without his knowledge. Ha ha!) reading from the book ("What's in a name?", page 42, for those of you who'd like to follow along at home) and then pledging to buy a copy for his mom.

Isn't that nice? For me and my relatively modest writerly aspirations of wanting to share funny stories and make people happy, that's just about the best thing ever... although positive reviews posted to are pretty great too (hint, hint).
So get out there and be like Joe and buy a copy of my book for your mom!

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