Friday, August 22, 2014


In spite of all the nastiness going on in the world RIGHT THIS MINUTE, I guess it's still somehow possible that you are not getting your daily recommended amount of hatred. This is yet another case where the fast food industry comes to the rescue.
Heil hunger!

Introduced in Morehead City, N.C., a couple of weeks ago, this new McHate sandwich features a crispy chicken patty topped with mayonnaise, shredded iceberg lettuce served on a perfectly toasted bun, with a buttery swastika seared into it, served to you by some of the most underpaid and mistreated workers in the world!! Honestly, there might be more pure evil in this thing than you would find in two or three meals elsewhere! Grilled chicken can be substituted for the calorie-conscious intolerant. Either way, you can taste the ignorance slide right down your throat and into your belly where it takes root and spreads throughout your entire body, mind and soul like some kind of toxic kudzu. 


This is a perfect sandwich for the misanthrope on the go. Grab a whole bag of 'em on your way to the next rally against whatever decent thing in life that you want to see destroyed. Your fellow sociopaths will be glad you did!
"Pull over and let's grab some munchies!"

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