Monday, October 27, 2014

Subpar heroes

Someone posted this picture on Facebook the other day...
It's obviously a panel from some deservedly long-forgotten comic book, featuring the introduction of five of the least inspiring "heroes" ever. In the comments, someone asked what each of their super powers are. Personally, I have no idea. I'd never seen this before. Things like that don't stop me from answering questions, though. So here's what I think:
  • Halfaman = possesses half of all the abilities of any normal man. 
  • Monkeyman = Kind of like a monkey. 
  • Pigman = Perceived as slovenly yet actually quite clean. 
  • Pizzaman = Delicious. 
  • Frogman = Has a watertight ass.
There you go.

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Jeff Hickmott said...

Insightful as always. I salute you.