Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Racism is over (unless you read the comments)!

A lot of people want to believe racism is a thing of the distant past.
"Hey, slavery ended hundreds of years ago. I didn't have anything to do with it! Why can't people let go of the past and focus on the present and future, now that there are no more problems and all individuals are treated equally? Just get over it already!"
That's fine, except for the fact that none of it is true.
Take a look at what people (albeit, most of them hiding behind an alias because even though it seems they sincerely believe this shit, they lack the courage and conviction to put their real names behind it) have to say about a trailer that shows a black male actor (Will Smith) kissing a white female actor (Margot Robbie) in a movie ("Focus").
"Welcome to Earth"

"Race mixing is literally sick. Gene incompatibility creates a host of physical and mental problems. Jews love to promote sickness and evil."

"Every-one hates Niggers. The Tolerance Train has CRASHED! Buh bye Congoids! This ridiculous agitprop piece will FAIL."

"Wake up White people. You see it, don't you? Everywhere they push this. They have gotten bold, and the anti-white propaganda is everywhere in the media before your eyes. Are you going to stand for it? Are you going to just watch as your European race is annihilated in a very slow and cruel manner?"

"Daily reminder that the Jews who own the media are pushing race mixing and this is a very obvious example and clear evidence. The idea of the movie is boring and shitty. It's entirely a propaganda piece."

"pure blood in the most important thing- after we are dead that is how we live on - I can still trace my pure blood back to Germany and Luxembourg from 400 years ago and I would never taint that with mud people blood"

"race is disgusting mixing and despite the Hollywood jews' best efforts public approval of it continues to drop"

"I just want to point out some facts. This movie was greenlighted by Warner Brothers President of Creative, Greg Silverman (Jewish), who only answers to the WB CEO, at the time it was Barry Meyer (Jewish).  If you look up the top CEO's of Hollywood production companies you see that they are ALL Jewish. They are proven racists, (Sony CEO has emails to prove it). So when I read claims that race mixing is a Jewish conspiracy, it has some credibility since they are the ones greenlighting this film. Possibly with a social agenda?"

"The propaganda of hollywood is to create an image for the way they want people to live. mix raced children are certain to not look anything like either of their parents alienating them from their culture and destroying their personal identity!"

"Another attempt by jew run hollyweird to push race mixing"

"This film is being used by Jews to promote race mixing between White women and Black males.  Let’s hope this film bombs spectacularly.  Send a message to the Jews that we don’t want to see any of their disgusting race mixing propaganda by boycotting this crap film."
Hey, if the movie is boring and shitty (which it could very well be), I reserve the right to make that judgment myself, based more on how I feel about wasting $12 than whether black dudes and white chicks are gettin' it on, okay? Anyway, for anybody who thinks it's been candy corn and rainbows since September 3, 1945, if not January 2, 1863, keep in mind that people who believe these things are out there, people with the ability (and freedom) to breed and spread these ideas to children. Cowering behind computer screens and highly unlikely to get laid in most cases maybe, but still. The point is there are miles and miles and miles to go before it's a reasonable option for everybody to "just get over it".

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