Monday, May 23, 2016

Busy, busy, busy week this week!

How are you?
I'm asking because I'm about to take the next few minutes telling you how I'm doing and it just seemed like the polite thing to ask you first. You're good, right? Gosh, I hope so.

Me? Well, since you asked...
I am super busy this week!
When you're this busy, who has time to take reasonably-sized bites, right Ben Affleck?

First up, it's Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Final between the Lightning and the Pittsburgh Penguins. We're one win away from winning the Eastern Conference again and returning to the Stanley Cup Final and we can do that Tuesday night at home and without having to go back to Pittsburgh for a Game 7. If you don't know who to root for, just remember that when we (the Lightning) score, we fire off actual lightning bolts inside our arena...
Bad ass!

 And when they score a goal at their arena, their scoreboard farts.
Passing gas
Anyway, I'll be writing the post-game recap of that game for Raw Charge.

It's "Comedy at the Cove"! Melissa Nicholas is now running two comedy open mics/showcases. This is one of them and I'll be there doing some jokes this Wednesday night. It blows my mind that Melissa is running two rooms because she's only 19-years-old! She is a small, entrepreneurial comedy dynamo and she is, in many ways, my hero.
Look at her. LOOK! AT! HER!
Wednesday, May 25 8 PM
Cayman Cove
11742 N. Dale Mabry, Tampa, FL

More of me telling jokes, this time it's at Fox & Hounds British Pub in Brandon. Brandon, Florida, not Brandon, Great Britain. Is there even a Brandon in Great Britain? Who knows? Nobody cares!
G'day mate, or whatever.
Thursday, May 26 9 PM
229 E. Brandon Blvd. Brandon, FL

Let's head way on down south, about 20 miles, to Riverview, where you'll find me once again telling some jokes at "Gutterballs Comedy Cafe", located within The Alley at Southshore! It's the gooey comedy club center within a sweet candy bowling alley lollipop!
Clip this out of your computer screen to ruin your computer!
Friday, May 27 9 PM
The Alley At Southshore
10221 Big Bend Rd. Riverview, FL
Buy tickets in advance here and use my initials (CB) as a promo code to save 20%!

Seriously. I ain't doin' nothin'

After a day of respite and repose, it's back to jokes at an ethnically-themed eat-y/drink-y place. THE Irish oasis nestled within the blighted, douched-out hellscape of South Tampa, The Dubliner! My comedy mentor Tony Gaud is putting on a showcase called "Sunday Funnies". I am either making funnies or I am one of the funnies. I'm not sure but I will find out when I get there. So will you.

The Dubliner Irish Pub
2307 W. Azeele, Tampa, FL


Jeff Hickmott said...

If it's anything like all the other "British" pubs I've ever seen in the U.S., it'll have Guinness, Bass Ale and Fosters. Only one of those is British.

Michael Noble said...

Jeff < ------ what a spoil sport

Clark Brooks said...

I'm sure they serve nachos and mozzarella sticks too.