Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Enough with the public shaming already

Here are two things that folks believe:
  • There are people in need who benefit from government assistance programs.
  • There are people who aren't that needy who abuse and exploit government assistance programs

Both of those things are true. If you're arguing either of those points, congratulations! You and your opponent are both right and the only things in dispute are degrees and solutions for reducing or eliminating abuse (unless you're arguing for completely abolishing those programs or making everything free for everybody, in which case you're just an asshole). Either way, again, congratulations. You win.
But can we get away from this kind of thing, please?
Hey, I have a question: Whatever happened to minding your own goddamn business? Remember when that was a thing? That was a pretty good thing, as far as things go.

Do you work hard?
Do you provide for your family?
Have you survived tough times without help?
That's great! Good for you! You deserve to be proud of yourself. THAT is your reward.

What's the point of confronting someone that you perceive is beneath you and shaming them over their situation? There's no way this lady, or any of us, knows what's going on with this guy, or anybody else for that matter. He might be the biggest welfare cheat in the world. He also might not be. Either way, what difference does it make? If your circumstances in life are better than someone else's and making them feel bad about it is how you get satisfaction, you're warped. Of course, walking around judging human beings as beneath you based on perceptions you form within your own mind based on their appearance is also warped in itself. And what do you need with all those paper towels anyway, you psycho? (See? Not helpful.)

You're also not doing anybody any good. Even if you sincerely believe that you have a legitimate gripe about a system that you see taking money out of your pocket and even if this guy is the biggest scumbag on the planet, what changes after you climb off your WalMart soapbox? You feel a little better within the smothering confines of your own tiny, personal universe because you blew off some steam. Great. On behalf of everybody else in the world, thanks for literally nothing.

So how about this? How about we all take a break from thinking we know what's best for other people, whether it's how people get and spend their money, what clothes a woman chooses to wear, who somebody falls in love with or any other goddamn thing else that has zero impact whatsoever on our lives, keep our heads down and our mouths shut and work on putting our own houses in order for a change?

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