Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Clearing up all the confusion about tonight's event

This happens soon.
Really soon.
Like, in just a few hours!
Literally nones of you have been bombarding me with one burning question...
"Now, I've seen it advertised as 'LOLZ for a cause' but also as 'Relay for LOLZ'. This is tremendously confusing. Which is the actual official correct name of the event?"
I'm glad you didn't ask because the answer is: Who gives a shit?
Call it whatever you want. As long as you show up at Urban Phoenix Studios located at 2002 E. 5th Ave, Suite 103, Tampa Florida (in Ybor City), donate $20 to the American Cancer Society and come inside to watch me, Tyler Horvath, Colin Means, Melissa Nicholas, Zac Townsend and Victoria Yepes tell jokes, that's all that matters.

Whew! Glad I could clear that up!

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