Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Be The Lou

There is huge chaotic vibration permeating everything these last few days. It is a wave of pain, fear and unknowing.
Love is Welling in the hearts of millions of people in the form of sorrow and pity.
Innocent blood does not go unvalidated.
This tragedy will eventually evolve into a higher level of understanding, acceptance and love among human beings.
The sexuality will be minimized and we will recognize each other , soul to soul.
Let us love our Source and our Creator in a more tranquil and forgiving way.
We must pray and meditate for the removal of confusion from the hateful people's minds.
The process of pain transforming into love is a grueling experience sometimes. Millions of people will find their true path through this tragedy.
Let these painful moments pass as quickly as Grace permits." -Lou Angelwolf 6/14/16

Lou Angelwolf is a beautiful person and a very funny comedian, in that order. I need to be more like Lou.

Be The Lou. 

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