Friday, January 26, 2007

This has been a bad week to be homeless... opposed to all the good weeks to be homeless. But this week, we had St. Petersburg police destroying the tents of homeless people as well as the unsolved murders of two homeless men. Homelessness is a problem everywhere but Florida draws a lot of them because it's possible to spend lots of time outside without, you know, freezing to death. I know, homeless people are a drag; their presence generally detracts from the overall quality of life for everyone else. On the other hand, they're human beings and it's more than a little scary to watch members of law enforcement ransacking and destroying someone's domicile and personal posessions, especially if you're someone who places value in the constitution and the rights and freedoms granted therein. Of course, there's people who will dismiss all of this by saying "They should just get a job", to which I say you're right; they should get a job. Your job. And then you can try living on the street. Ass.

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