Sunday, January 06, 2008

I want one!

I have always wanted to own a Jeep, never more than I do now...
Of course, I was thinking something more rugged and kick-ass, like the
old Army jeep. But if there's even a remote possibility of what happens in that commercial happening to me, I'll take it! Do you realize if this happened to me, I would be happier than I've ever been in my whole life. Yes, happier even than I would have been that time I thought fireworks might shoot down a low-flying rescue chopper over Sarasota Bay that one 4th of July. Who doesn't dream of cruising around with a posse of singing animals? And one of them is a wolf! Think about it; ease the sunroof open, crank the cheesy 70's pop up and cut loose with some serious five-part harmonizing. As you drive along, you catch the curious eyes of other motorists, stressed out and all caught up in their tedious 9-to-5 existence. You wonder if they have any idea what real living is but the knowing smile on the face of your squirrel pal riding shotgun tells you that's their problem, man. After a while, you get hungry and pull over at a roadside diner to get a bite. The animals wonder if it's cool if they come in with you and the reproachful glares from the people you see inside through the window make you pause a second and think about it. But then you say "Hell yeah, you can come in. And guess what? You can have anything you want. It's on me". Because these aren't your pets, for chrissakes. They're your buddies! And that's what buddies do for each other. Wolfie would probably like a nice ham steak, squirrel would go for a peanut butter sandwich and the birds, I don't know, pancakes maybe. Whatever. The food arrives and is delicious. Everyone is so charmed by you and your ani-pals that their initial trepidation melts away. Eventually they're asking you all to stay and sing along to some old Charlie Pride records on the diner's jukebox. And you do, for a little while. But then you excuse yourself cordially, telling them the open road is calling. They understand and wish you well on your future travels. You, a wolf, a squirrel, two birds and your Jeep.

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