Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thank God for Michael Crose & Larry Halstead!

I'll tell you who.
I was catching up on Facebook status updates late Wednesday night and I came across local radio talk show host Tedd Webb's, where he made some comment about The Debacle (I can't use the words "Health Care Debate" anymore without making my left eye twitch uncontrollably) and for some reason, I don't know why, I read all the replies. Tedd is an outspoken conservative with a huge following (note: I need to state for the record that I do like him, in spite of the fact that I disagree strongly with most of his political views. I believe he is a good and honest man and he has done a lot for the local community over the years, which frankly, is good enough for me. And that's why he's a friend on Facebook) so you can probably guess that most conveyed a sentiment along the lines of...well, don't guess. Here are some samples:
  • "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge (Dunning-/Kruger effect) Lots of folks just have confidence in that Obamacare Plan."

  • "Too many on the left are still wearing those rose colored glasses..."

  • "Those of us who have fought to protect our freedoms do not take this issue lightly. Keep fighting the good fight."

  • "They would rather trust Obama than actually read (the bill)".
...and then I found this from somebody named Micheal Crose:
  • "Wow, this is becoming a bit perplexing. Here is what I want. I want everyone to be able to buy affordable health insurance. That does not exist now. If the Republicans have a plan, I want to hear it. I do NOT want the government to take over healthcare. The Republicans have been in charge and have done nothing. I AM A REPUBLICAN! I want my party to do something and they have not. Until 1995 in Florida anyone could buy good health insurance during open enrollment. The insurance lobbyist got that changed. Now you can only buy shit insurance that covers little for a bunch of money....I am here and ready to listen to a better way. Anyone have one?"

Wow! Right? Then he posted this:
  • "For years I had a policy with what became United Healthcare. So did my best friend. When I started I paid $350.00 a month for a family plan. Over the years the price kept going up and the benefits kept going down until 1995 when we were paying about $800.00 a month for the plan. During this whole time the insurance companies in Florida were not losing money, they were making it. After the law changed they fired us as clients. It in my opinion (that it) is the governments job to get involved when business puts the screws to the people. I do not want a take over but a little regulation would be nice. Again, any ideas?"

After that, the Teddheads were quieter and a man named Larry Halstead piped up with this:

  • "Without some kind of health insurance reform, we can all look at premiums going over $1500 per month in just a few years. Who can afford that? We need reform. If you don't like what Congress is proposing, propose something better. Yelling, screaming and cursing "don't touch my health plan" won't cut it. Offer a better alternative now, when everything is in the discussion stage."
After that, a couple of shorter replies (from liberals and conservatives) but the fire was pretty much out.

Now, I could be reading too much into this but it seemed to me like a couple of reasonable people who acknowledge that there is a problem that needs to be solved finally got a chance to stand up and say something and everyone else settled the fuck down! I may have actually done a few bars of the Hallelujah Chorus at that moment. It's a little disappointing that reasonable, intelligent discussion didn't ensue on the spot, but I'll still take this is as a positive and a sign of hope for the future. I was ready to concede that people like that were extinct in America and had given up looking for them. I will sleep better in the future knowing I was wrong.

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