Friday, February 12, 2010

Added bonus

I went to see one of my favorite performers last night, Rebekah Pulley (it seems that if you want to be one of my favorite performers and your name is Rebekah or Rebecca or some other variation, you're starting out on the right foot) at one of my favorite funky little venues, New World Brewery in Ybor City. She's also one of my favorite people because she's as nice as she is talented and I will never pass up a chance to see her play if I can help it. She was part of a multi-band bill last night and I got there early. Sometimes it's not great to arrive early if you don't know the other bands because it's 50/50 at best whether or not they're going to be any good. I shouldn't phrase it like's 50/50 at best whether or not you're going to like them...and when I put it like that, it's probably more like 20/80, to be honest. So I was very pleasantly surprised to find that I really did like the first band, a group called Red Shepherd out of Nashville. A bunch of super nice guys ("Go ahead and burn copies and give 'em to anybody you want", said bassist Rett Wood about their cd, titled "Blue Skies") who sound great and put on a great show.

They're currently on their first tour and if you have a chance to see them play, you should.

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Charles said...

I am a big fan of our local red-haired songstress as well. Read my review of sorts from a show she did a couple of weeks ago in Seminole Heights if you like. It includes a link to Elawgrrl's photos of Rebekah on Flickr if that helps your interest level.

BTW, loved the corn dog video at the fair. Bloggers seem to get in to really meet people while the newsies miss out on the fun.