Friday, February 05, 2010

Pink tent

This is a tent at the Florida State Fair. They're selling something called "Fair Squares". I have no idea what they are. All I know is that as soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of my friend Gail Worley, author of The Worley Gig and lover of pink things. Some day, I'm going to New York and we're going to hang out and eat at the good restaurants tourists don't know about. She's also promised to take me to the site of the original CBGB. If things go well, maybe I'll run into David Byrne and Jill Jones while I'm there. If she comes to Tampa, I'll return the favor by showing her the good hole-in-the-wall Cuban food places and a trip to Skipper's. Maybe I can introduce her to Rebekah Pulley and Rebecca Zapen.
I'm shamelessly posting this here, hoping she will see it and re-post it as "Pink Thing of the Day" on her site. Whether she does so or not, she's great and so is her blog. I recommend you check it out often.


Gail said...

Dude, Give me a couple days and this will be a featured pink thing for sure! PINK TENT!

tommyduncn said...

The Florida State Fair's new signature food is a fluffy, deep-fried goodness with pink powdered sugar topping. A portion of the proceeds this year will benefit the Susan G. Komen For the Cure charity.

Find out more about Fair Squares at