Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Do they let you have koozies in jail?

The people who live in South Tampa, particularly along Bayshore Boulevard, were so upset about the drunken revelry of Gasparilla last year, particularly the peeing and puking aspects, that there was serious talk (any time rich people talk, it's serious) about drastic changes, possibly even eliminating it. But a parade route change that ended the parade further north in downtown, rainy weather and a "zero tolerance" for general assholery by an increased police presence all combined to keep the festivities at a more civilized level and everybody seems pretty pleased.
Still, when you hear that an event results in three times more arrests than there were the last time it happened, whether it's a parade of pirates or a redneck's nuptials, you can kind of understand why some people might still be hesitant to attend in the future.
There's probably more tweaking in order but the event doesn't seem to be on the chopping block any more. Which means the mayor will continue to surrender the key to the city when they invade again next year. Smart move, since apparently some pirates are eight feet tall.

And you gotta believe that certain local businesses will lend whatever support they can to keeping Gasparilla round. And I don't mean bars, restaurants, bars, hotels, bars and hotel bars either. Because what Black Friday is to retailers, Gasparilla must be to bail bondsmen. Can you imagine? I bet they have to hire temporary staff and everything. Plus who else would stand to benefit from hundreds of people getting arrested...?
Clever marketers, those lawyers. I wonder how many of them live on or near Bayshore?

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