Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Can't beat phun at the ol' ballpark

This is my new favorite photo:
It's an idiot Philadelphia Phillies fan who decided to run around on the field during a game the other night...just a second or two before getting nailed by a taser. Awesome!
As legendarily uncivilized as Philadelphia sports fans are, I find it hard to believe there are that many of them who haven't been on the wrong end of a taser before. Threatening Philly fans with a taser (or any other behavior modification technique that normal human beings would find unpleasant) is probably like threatening to squirt blood at Dracula. Seriously, they're scum.
Apparently, there's some debate whether or not excessive force was used in resolving this situation, specifically because of the use of the taser. I don't see what the big deal is: everybody knows you're not supposed to run around on the field and it's generally understood that if you do it, you're fair game for whatever happens to you. This kid is an asshole and he had it coming. It certainly could have been worse. See for yourself:
Here's the actual incident...

And here's a video (one of hundreds of this kind of thing on YouTube) of an incident where a taser was not used:

And just for fun, here's one from an NFL game where security didn't even get a chance to be involved...

Yeah, right, it didn't hurt. It probably still hurts today.
Anyway, I don't know about you, but of those three, the taser doesn't look that bad.

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