Thursday, September 16, 2010

2010 Best Of The Bay Awards: "How'd you do, Clark?"

How do you think I did, motherf...?
Yep, shut out again. This time in two categories. I was utterly devastated. However, being the emotional (and intellectual) equivalent of an 8-year-old Little Leaguer who struck out with the bases loaded does occasionally have an upside...
...I heal quickly and easily.
Seriously, I look forward to this every year now because win or lose (well, lose...because I never win), it gives me the chance to "give props" and say sincere Thank Yous.
In no particular order:
  • Thanks as always to Creative Loafing for throwing a great party. I would have liked to have mingled more and met some of the cool people in attendance but it was such a great party that so many cool people showed up that I freaked out, got claustrophobic and had to spend most of the night downstairs, holding court with some really cool people at The Spaghetti Warehouse. This also allowed me to catch most of the Rays righteous win over the Yankees (cripes Jeter, are you friggin' kidding me? That was some A-Rod B.S. there, pal. You're supposed to be the classy Yankee) which didn't stink.
  • Catherine Durkin Robinson won the award for best blogger and I've relentlessly "attacked" her during this whole award voting process because...well, it's fun...and I kind of had a feeling she'd win this thing. That's because she is a fantastic writer who deserves an award. You really should check out her site.
  • I honestly don't know who won Best Twitter Or Whatever It's Called which is sloppiness on my part. Sorry. But whomever it is, yeah, definitely follow them because they're a genius. Let's say it's Miss Destructo. It may very well be her and she actually is a genius so let's go with that. In the event it's not her, we'll try to correct that at a later date (suuuure we will).
  • Huge thanks as always to my sisters K & R whose unwavering love and support for me and my goofy-ass antics can never be shown adequate appreciation.
  • Biggest thanks of all to each and every person who wastes precious time and brain cells reading this site. I am awestruck and flattered beyond words that you enjoy my self-indulgent twaddle enough to come here at all, let alone return. If I knew all of your names, I'd list them here and then immediately regret doing so because it would expose you to spammers, scammers and stalkers (and worse!) which would pretty much be the exact opposite of the gesture of appreciation I intended.

And until next year, once again the pressure is off; no awards means no unrealistic expectations of award wining content.

I love all y'all!


Denise said...

You're my favorite blogger in the world and although I've spent my entire life in "...the Bay," I'm beginning to think it doesn't know what's "best" for it. So, congratulations on just bein' awesome!

Jessie said...

I have to say I greatly approve of the people you keep company with. I had a blast hanging with you all. Also, your face will be appearing on the Bunker's FB page very soon. Which is as awesome as an award...right?