Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clark Brooks, Cancer Hater

Hi, I’m Clark Brooks. You may know me from such anti-cancer events as “Temple Terrace Relay For Life 2008” and “Temple Terrace Relay For Life 2009: Electric Boogaloo”. I’m here today to tell you about my involvement with a new anti-cancer event, the Susan G Komen Florida Suncoast Race for the Cure. Well, it’s not a new event but my involvement with it is. I’m in as a member of LoveBees Lovers, in honor of my dear friend Donna who Loves Bees (hey, don’t ask me; I don’t cast judgment on whatever freaky stuff you people are into…although that sounds like something of a contradiction, in which case, Wow, look how complex I am!). A bunch of likeminded fools and me are heading to Vinoy Park in St. Pete this Saturday at 7:30 a.m. to Race for the Cure, as opposed to what I would normally do on a Saturday morning, which is Race for a Breakfast Burrito (actually, I’m going to do both…shh, don’t tell).

You, on the other hand, got it made. You get to stay in bed under the cozy covers. Seems almost unfair, doesn’t it? Man! You’re right, it is grossly unjust! What can we do about it? Oh wait, I know! Tell you what, you chip in a buck or two for the cause and I’ll just look the other way. I’ll even bring you a breakfast burrito if there are any left over (note: I really doubt that’s gonna happen so don’t hold your breath)

Think about it; I get up early and do the race while you sleep in with a (nearly non-existent) chance of having a delicious breakfast burrito served to you in bed, all in the name of fighting breast cancer. I challenge you to find a sweeter deal (but if you do, please keep it to yourself so you don’t screw up what I’ve got going over here).

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