Friday, November 26, 2010

Beware, Black Friday shopperssssss!

If shopping is America's favorite participatory sport, and it so is, then today is the World Series, Super Bowl and Stanley Cup, all-in-one and on sale for $12 while supplies last. Many of you are already either in line waiting to get into some of the country's biggest and best (those two words mean exactly the same thing today) retailers or have already gotten inside and begun your shopping, meaning it's entirely possible that you are reading this on a handheld electronic device that may very well be on sale for a fraction of what you paid for it inside the store you are currently visiting.
How fun!
Regardless, my role as The Voice of Reason is to remind you to be careful out there today. Some of these stores engage in bait-and-switch tactics ("yes, we did have a limited quantity of the 96" plasma flat screen tv's on sale for a nickel each but they're all sold out...yes, I'm aware that I just unlocked the door and the keys are still in my hand and that the door isn't even completely open all the way and that you and several other shoppers are currently trampling me to death...ow, that was my groin...but unfortunately, they, like myself soon, are long gone") while others are even more nefarious. For instance, check out the holiday decorations at this well known store...

Hmm, where have we seen those ornaments before...?
Don't let the cartoon terrorists win!

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