Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy (Early) Thanksgiving

I find myself sitting here on Thanksgiving eve with something tangible and timely for which to be thankful: the fantastic roster of talented people who helped me out as guest bloggers this month.
If I had a tv show, it would probably be a lot like this blog, with goofy comedy, observations on politics and pop culture, interviews and exposure to offbeat entertainment. In other words, a late night talk show. So when I decided to particpate in National Novel Writing Month, an activity I knew would dominate my focus, I stole the idea of having guest hosts from the late, great Johnny Carson. I figured it would be a lot more fun to share some new and different writers and artists with people than to just shut it down for a month (and hope that readers would still be there or at least come back when I started it back up). If it was good enough for Johnny, it was good enough for me. As it turns out, it's been more successful than I had hoped. As in too successful. Johnny Carson never had to worry that Joan Rivers would be so great that his audience would be disappointed when he returned. So now I find myself with 50,000 words (almost, still got another week to go) in a big pile that somewhat resembles a novel and a significantly raised bar here at the ol' purple blog. Great. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

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