Thursday, November 25, 2010

An issue that threatens to tear this country apart!

We're at a crossroads, people. Worse, we're in a standoff at that crossroads. Which way do we go? Who goes first? Who's right? Who's wrong? Who's that behind me and why are they honking their horn?
We are a nation divided and it hurts me. Inside, where I am squishy and from whence I wax poetic (What? You don't believe I wax poetic? I wax! I wax all the time!). That's where it hurts me, all deep down in my emotions and stuff.
I'm not talking about anything that the Democranks or Republican'ts or Tea Partitions are doing. This issue isn't prog or con, neo or otherwise. It's bigger than that.
I'm talking, of course, about the Target holiday ads on tv and the fact that in spite of many people, myself included, enjoying them, some people don't. As in really, really don't. For example, my friend Michael Noble chimes in with a critique here at
The ads, in case you haven't seen them, feature my favorite comedian, Maria Bamford portraying a neurotic, obsessive-compulsive, passive-aggressive character who seems to view holiday shopping (and the holidays themselves) as some sort of competition. Obviously, she's holding up a mirror to society. But instead of recognizing the image in the mirror as a reflection of ourselves, some see an enemy and attack. Like dogs or exceptionally stupid toddlers.
Here's one of the ads. Check it out for yourself...

Now, to be fair, I can see the commercials being annoying to some. Simply because all commercials are annoying on some level or another. But when it comes to Maria Bamford, who graciously gave this very blog an interview, I consider myself not only a fan but a friend. That's right, I said it! 
Look! We had our picture taken together. Clearly she's a good person
So I would just ask that you check out some of her work outside of the Target commercials before passing judgment on a performer I consider a genius. Such as this clip, which just happens to be particularly relevant to the holiday season...

Look, don't get me wrong. I'm not saying everybody has to like what I like, I'm just saying I will think less of you if you don't. That's all.
Happy holidays!


Marissa said...

No offense to your friend, but like the Progressive Insurance character Flo, I find the Target ads aggravating. Maybe the whole idea of people salivating over shopping is what annoys me the most. Whatever the reason, I look forward to them being kaput! May your friend find equally lucrative work :)

Ruprecht said...


Gotta tell you: Loved the short clip of Maria on The Bob & Tom Show above. She really does have a wit about her and I appreciated the spot.

You know how certain characters get under your skin? Her Target gal got under mine. Nothing against her, it's just that I don't see the attraction or the point of the ads to using that character as a vehicle to promote the beginning of the shopping season.

Look: Not everyone likes Gilbert Gottfried, but I happen to find him Hillary-arious. Others? He's nails on a chalkboard to them.

My point being: What would our world be if we weren't different? I shudder to think.

You got it goin' on, dude.

Why, it's Clark! said...

Hey, no problem folks!
Did you know that many people believe Paris Hilton is a talentless attention-grubbing skank, an opinion based solely on everything she has ever done? Thankfully, it's too late (and frankly, not worth the effort) to save Ms. Hilton's reputation, but I felt obligated to come to Ms. Bamford's defense by presenting other facets of her abilities as a performer. That's all.

PS: I find myself kinda attracted to Flo. Sorry.