Saturday, December 03, 2011

An extra point from a guest author

Monica Idziak is a traffic reporter for local Clear Channel radio stations. She submitted this before the end of the month but after I had filled all the guest author slots, so not technically late...but late. The good news it's never too late to include something good. Here's Monica's bio:
Born in Iowa, lived in Buffalo, LOVE my Florida life. I “work” at Clear Channel Radio, although reporting traffic is, I’m convinced, the easiest job known to man in present day time. 2 cats, avid runner (completed multiple 5k’s, a 15k, and a half marathon), sports enthusiast, and all-around smart-ass funny girl. No ‘real’ blog experience, but writing pretty much non-stop since high school. I’m the grammar snob/spelling queen your mama warned you about. :-P
And here's Monica's post (and I have a rebuttal of sorts at the end)

Chicks Portrayed in Sports Commercials: That Ain’t Right.

I realize it’s 2011, and (finally!) I’m not the only girl in America who enjoys watching sports. At long last, I am not the only chick at a sports bar and I don’t hafta choose between a Men’s Small or a Child’s Large in the jersey section. Having said that….when the bleep are sports-themed commercials gonna catch up and get outta the dark ages?!

Now, let me clarify. When I say “sports-themed” commercials, I mean:

1) Anything with a sports logo in the ad.
2) Those fancy car ads aimed to make you feel like you need the vehicle in order to remain sporty/cool/manly/relevant/hip/you get the idea.
3) Snack food commercials that consistently insist you eat whatever salty/sweet/savory food they’re selling at whatever sporting event you’re watching or attending.
4) Beer commercials

They all start out innocent enough: A dude. A Chick. He is watching a game or wants to go to a game or has friends peer pressuring him into watching or going to a game. Enter the Evil Chick. Oh yeah, she can’t be trusted or even liked. SHE has other plans. She wants to cuddle/shop/cook/clean/run errands/ruin his plans however her estrogen can make that happen.

It’s insulting. It’s demeaning. It’s, quite frankly, disgusting.

I know plenty of women who know what Saturdays and Sundays in the fall are for. I know a lot of girls who countdown to Spring Training. I know a crapload of girls who salivate at the thought of watching grown men duke it out on the ice for an entire season, and I didn’t realize exactly how many girls I know that just got their Christmas NBA miracle.

As part of the collective sports-lovin’ buncha females, I cringe when I see the woman portrayed as the obstacle to the man’s happiness…especially his sports happiness. I’ve always encouraged supporting one’s favorite team. I’ve always made plans around important games/meets/matches. I’ve always enjoyed the jumping/screaming/drinking/eating that accompanies a good sporting event.

I recall a specific time about 5 weeks into football season. A man (he shall remain nameless so as to minimize shame) announces to me 10 minutes before kickoff that he had some errands to run and we always watch football all day Sunday so he just wants to be productive and get things done that week. Now, we have a sweet setup. Tiki bar with pool in backyard and surround sound, flat screen with NFL ticket. I ain’t goin’ nowhere. I proceed to tell him, “Um, you get your productivity outta the way during the week so you can watch football and drink all day Sunday. (yelling at this point) Now SIT YOUR ASS DOWN on that bar stool, drink a damn beer, and shut up and watch football with me damnit!” I can tell you, THAT ain’t gonna be made into a commercial. (He did eventually realize his ridiculousness and enjoyed a fun Sunday.)

So, here’s to all the females who aren’t nagging/whiney/boring chicks. We aren’t represented in any national tv commercial, but we’re here. And we ain’t goin’ anywhere. National Advertisers: you’ve been warned.

Well said. And for what it's worth, Monica, I'm a male who finds the portrayal of the "bros" in many of those same ads equally as cringe-inducing. I do not, can not, never have and never will relate to the Ralph Kramden/frat boy hybrid mindset that places such high value in male bonding and 'boys night out'. The thing is, I know that those guys exist outside of the world of sports themed advertising. I know because I've had them tell me my viewpoint is "gay". And when I point out the irony in that statement, they act like I'm validating their opinion. Yeah, that's another thing I haven't been able to figure out either. - Clark


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