Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One stop shop

There is a neighborhood here in Tampa, just north and east of Ybor City, that seems to consist entirely of barber and beauty shops, churches and houses. It's probably easy for cops to patrol the area because anybody who doesn't look nice and is either on their way to or from church probably doesn't live there.
One establishment in particular stood out to me as I was passing through there once, the B-Elegant (or B'elegant if your method of saving time consists of eliminating extra syllables whenever possible or if you just hate hyphens). That's it in the picture, located at the corner of north 34th Street and east 26th Avenue. And what caught my eye was the sign above the front door:
There are generally two ways you can go as a small, independent merchant; find a niche and dedicate yourself to that or try to provide as much service in as many areas as you possibly can. The purveyors of B-Elegant have obviously decided on option B because that's an awful lot of good and services under the roof of one small shop.
"Come on in, shop, grab a bite to eat, get your hair done (madames et monsieurs) and if for any reason you find that you're not satisfied with the efforts of our stylist, please allow me to show you to our haberdashery."

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