Friday, June 29, 2012

Another grumpy old white guy ranting about what happened yesterday...but probably not what you expect

Yesterday, shortly after it was announced (well, correctly announced) that the United States Supreme Court had upheld President Obama's health care bill, also known (often derisively) as "Obamacare", I started seeing pictures like these pop up on line...

These were posted by my liberal friends. Meanwhile, my conservative friends were talking about slavery, buying guns, socialism, nazis and Star Wars (some of them were able to tie all of those concepts together somehow). I saw and heard virtually no exultations about how happy people were that they or a loved one about was on their way to having health care or even appreciation that the system had worked in their favor and produced a favorable outcome that would eventually benefit the greater good. Just these gloating, stick-it-up-your-ass touchdown dance posters. I asked the person who had posted these two if this is what it was all about. Their reply: "Well, no. But they had it coming."
If you've ever picked up some philosophy from watching Clint Eastwood movies (and who hasn't?), you know "We all have it coming, kid".

Now let me take a minute to state for the record that if the outcome had been different, I know the shoes would have been on the other feet and these pictures and rhetoric would look very different but would essentially be exactly the same. I have zero doubt of that.
It truly makes me sad that for so many this is nothing more than a single play in an ongoing grudge match. It doesn't matter if the subject matter is health care, illegal immigration, energy, war, human rights. Those are just labels of individual battles so some people can keep score of who won and who lost over time and talk shit about it around a plate of chicken wings and some beers. For too many, this isn't life or death, it's Bears-Packers, Lakers-Celtics or Yankees-Red Sox. It's a sport where the object isn't to score points, it's to celebrate those points in the most obnoxious and antogonistic way possible. It's just something to get excited about and put on a colorful t-shirt and scream and holler. It's a hobby. A pasttime. 
In my humble opinion, this is the real reason things don't get done. We The People are more interested in the ancillary bullshit than the tasks at hand. The things that matter and why they do aren't nearly as important to us as telling the guys on the other side to suck it. As a result We get what We deserve.

Frankly, it's so discouraging that it makes me want to throw up my hands, say "screw it" and not particpate anymore, other than making fun of the whole situation in a sad and ironic way. However, rather than just give up, I think I'd rather make a wish. And my wish is that if your motive isn't to improve the lives of ALL your fellow human beings when you go to vote or campaign or protest, don't do it. Don't listen to those people who say, "the important thing is to just get out there and be active" because it's not. Of course, you should be an active participant in the democratic process if you believe in making the world a better place. I don't even need to know what that is. If it's to support your sincere and honest beliefs, by all means, join in. Otherwise, don't. Just sit out. If you're looking for a competetive hobby, go to the Y and learn to play chess. If you want to get a reaction from someone on television, write them a creepy fan letter. And if none of this applies to you, just stay home and masturbate to "The Price Is Right" or something. Please and thanks.


Cheryl Williams said...

Lol, ah man! Funny yet sobering. Enjoyed this post.

ronnyelliott said...

Good job, buddy. Good job.

Denise said...

I'm with you, Clark.

In other news, I watched the film Network for the first-time-in-a-long-time today and cried through most of the "mad as hell" scene. I AM mad as hell, but I'm sick of playing the "up yours, differing-opinion guy" game. It certainly doesn't get anything done.

Grumble, grumble.