Wednesday, June 06, 2012

I don't Like that

Recently, a co-worker who happens to be an aspiring writer used my computer. I found out when I visited Facebook and found out that I had "Liked" her romance novels.

Here's the thing: Sometimes at work, I visit Facebook. Sometimes, other people need to use my computer. Often, I don't log out of my account when I'm finished. This always leaves me at risk of people doing inappropriate things with my Facebook account. Okay, that's on me. I shouldn't do that and I should accept the consequences when I do. That's fair punishment. But be reasonable, folks. Change my profile photo to a picture of a dog's butt. Change my status to "I Heart Balls!" Sign me up for a bunch of Adolph Hitler fan clubs. Whatever. But don't presume to speak for me, making it look like I "Like" your shitty books, you hack. What makes it worse is I'm all about supporting fellow writers, or anybody indulging their creative pursuits, for that matter. If she had asked me to "Like" them, I would have done so happily. Hell, that's a lot easier than actually having to read them.
"Before I open this, I'm not going to find
 any moody, lovestruck vampires, am I?"
Instead, I'm going to do the opposite of "Like" them and help her. I'm going to un-"Like" (or hate) them and un-help (or hinder) her. And that's just a shame, because like I said, that's not my usual inclination.
Seriously, what kind of psycho does something like that? I'm not normally somebody who wrings their hands over this perceived wave of bad behavior spawned by the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Twitter isn't what makes people say stupid things on Twitter; stupid is what makes people say stupid things on Twitter. And it's the same way with Facebook not turning normal, rational people into assholes. Although, this situation has thrown me. It's like showing up uninvited at some kind of function and using it in an attempt to impose your personal preferences and beliefs on someone...just because you're an opportunistic, bottom-feeding dipshit. That kind of thing doesn't happen in the real world, does it?
Never mind.

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Unknown said...

Oh phooey, I guess this means the fake "Clark Brooks" social media accounts I made to promote the handbook will have to be deleted.