Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh Golly!

There are lots of good reasons that I'm not a parent, least of which is my life-long devotion to avoiding responsibility. Being a parent requires making good, tough decisions in an effort to help children develop into healthy, responsible and (reasonably) happy adults. That's a lot of added pressure when it's all I can do to keep myself upright most of the time. I'm sure I don't have what it takes to raise kids and I applaud those who do. Life is a minefield and it's just way too easy to screw things up, even for those with only the best intentions.
For example, let's say this is your daughter:

 She's a nice looking kid. Other people think so too. Someone suggests she could be a model. She thinks that would be fun too. You're thrilled that at her young age she's already demonstrating an interest in something that could be turned into a career. Sure, growing up to be a fashion model may not be the most realistic career goal but there are lots of different things to do in the fashion industry. And the last thing you want to do to a child is dampen their enthusiasm. So you take on the role of her agent and start looking for modelling jobs. You're very careful to steer clear of anything that is exploitative or inappropriate in any way whatsoever. As a result, you turn down lots of gigs, even though it's difficult to find any work at all, since it's so hyper-competitive. But that's okay. Better safe than sorry, right?
Then one day you find out about an audition. It's for a company that sells knitting patterns. They're looking to portray a family (mom, dad and a couple of kids) wearing matching sweaters and your daughter would be a perfect fit. Fantastic! What in that scenario could possibly be anything less than ideal?


(I stole this photo from The Kitsch Bitsch)

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