Friday, March 01, 2013

An Unbelievable guest star! (WARNING: Gratuitous pluggery follows)

Are you keeping up with The Unbelievables? If so, thanks a million!!! My writing partners Jeff Hickmott and Michael Noble and I work hard to make it funny in the hopes that you enjoy it because we love you. I think it's funny, anyway. If you're not, I really wish you would. For the same reason listed above as well as the fact that we will actually have a celebrity guest star on this Monday's chapter!

Kendra Morris is a singer/songwriter from St. Petersburg, Florida, now living in New York. If you saw "Django Unchanged" in theatres and got there early enough to catch the previews, you probably saw a trailer for a movie titled "Dead Man Down" that featured her cover of Pink Floyd's "Shine On You Crazy Diamond". She reminds me of Roberta Flack, Phyllis Hyman and Anita Baker as well as all the stuff I liked about Amy Winehouse. Somebody told me she reminds them of Adele but I haven't heard enough Adele to draw that comparison. She definitely draws inspiration from vintage soul music, citing Marvin Gaye as a major influence. I've been a devoted fan since stumbling across her single "Concrete Waves", which resulted in me going out and buying all of her music without even hearing it first, but her retro roots aesthetic makes her an ideal match with what we're doing with The Unbelievables. I had the opportunity to meet her when she played The Orpheum in Ybor City a while back, so I sent her a note with a link to the site to let her know that I planned on drawing her into our twisted little retro crimefighting universe. Her response was more enthusiastic than I could have hoped for:
"Ha! This is awesome! Thanks for having me!!! Can't wait to see what you do.."
Not only that, but she agreed to write her own dialogue!
So Monday morning, look for Kendra Morris, the first actively participating celebrity guest star in the history of The Unbelievables, a tale that will involve a love song written for a tortoise. In the meantime, here's some of Kendra's real music for your enjoyment (all of which is available at her site, iTunes, Amazon...)

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