Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm really good at games

Sunday, Carrie Bailey, my editor (boss) at Peevish Penman, who finds me irresistibly charming, challenged me to a game of 20 Questions. Here's how that went...

CARRIE: I'm unwinding from finishing my novel with a coffee and a donut. Anyone want to play 20 questions?
ME: I do!
CARRIE: Okay, go.
ME: All right... Is it a stovepipe hat?
CARRIE: No, Clark, it is not a stovepipe hat.
ME: Hmm, this is tough. Is it a golden retriever puppy named Daisy?
CARRIE: No, that's two. It's actually somewhere in between a puppy and a hat...
ME: Ah! Okay! Now we're getting somewhere! Is it in the cyst or boil families, something unpleasant one would have lanced?
CARRIE: That's question 3 to 5. It is not something you
ME: Not a hat, not a puppy, not an unpleasant body growth... Is it a banana?
CARRIE: No, but you're surprisingly close.
ME: Ah! Is it a banana slug?
CARRIE: It is not a banana slug.
ME: Does it enjoy calcium?
CARRIE: Clark, I don't know if I can make it 20 questions. I'm pretty sure it doesn't enjoy calcium, but hey? I'll say yes anyway.
ME: Are you sure it isn't a stovepipe hat? Ooh wait! Is it a banana slug wearing a stovepipe hat?
CARRIE: Yes! Yes! It is a stove pipe hat.
ME: Hurray! I win! We will have to play again some time!
CARRIE: I suspect you will always win.

The point is, I am really good at games.

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Jeff Hickmott said...

Yes. Yes you are.