Wednesday, March 06, 2013

A trip to the zoo

Tuesday, I had a rare week day off. That was nice, because between a pretty intense work schedule and being as sick as I have been lately, a day off where I didn't have to spend it doing laundry and running errands was just what the doctor would have ordered if I had visited a doctor. I considered spending it sleeping and goofing around on the internet but opted instead for fresh air and sunshine. I almost went to a spring training baseball game but opted instead to go to Lowry Park Zoo. The deciding factor was a temporary exhibit they're hosting, "DinoQuest 2: A Jurassic Journey". Don't get me wrong; I love baseball, but I luuurrrrv dinosaurs. I just think life would be more interesting if there was a possibility of looking out a window and seeing a T-Rex stroll by. Since that isn't going to happen, exhibits like this are the next best thing.
Plus, I just like the zoo. My grandfather loved animals and nature and I think some of that rubbed off on me. I know the zoo isn't really nature but again, it's the next best thing. I can sit for hours and just watch animals being animals and that's what I did. The only drawback for me, the only thing that kept it from being a perfect day was the other people, especially the ones toting children around. I don't care for them. I recognize that's an inherent flaw in plans to visit a place like the zoo, but still. What I need is a friend who works there who can just let me in when it's closed so I can just sit there and not bother anybody or have anybody bother me. Instead, I had a lady pushing a baby carriage who stopped it right behind the bench I was sitting on and watching a zebra eating grass when the little tyke started crying. Just parked it there and started asking the baby "What's wrong? What's the matter?", to which the baby replied with shrieking as a means of expressing displeasure because it's a baby and its grasp of spoken language is extremely limited at this point. Now, obviously I'm not an expert on raising children, but when it comes to a screaming baby in a public place where normal people are trying to relax and enjoy themselves, I believe they should be handled like this...

If I ever get crazy, stupid rich, you can bet that I will blow big bucks on renting out the zoo for myself for a day and having a sign posted that says, "ZOO CLOSED TODAY BECAUSE CLARK WANTS IT ALL TO HIMSELF. WHY DON'T Y'ALL TAKE YOUR ANKLE BITERS BOWLING OR TO CHUCK E. CHEESE OR SOMETHING INSTEAD?"

Still, it was a very nice day. Here are some pictures...


Look between the two big ones and you'll see the zoo's star
attraction, a baby African elephant, born on December 23rd.

Giraffes are my favorite, probably because
 they kind of remind me of dinosaurs

Suddenly Salad!

Not real. Unfortunately.

Also not real (sigh)


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