Monday, March 18, 2013

McContingency plan

McDonald's ran a special promotion during the recent St. Patrick's Day weekend; between the hours of 11pm and 4am, Big Mac sandwiches for just $1.00!

So if not enough people were going to throw up already, you can't say that McDonald's didn't do their part.

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Ruprecht said...


I'm an soooooooo glad I didn't know about this promotion.

On the rare occasion I visit a McCrappage restaurant (and I use the term "restaurant oh, so loosely) it's when I have a craving for a Big Mac. Yes ... their taste still resides in the recesses of my mind, coming to the surface here and there, forcing me to McGo to one of the establishments and appease the craving.

And, yes, I'm usually sorry for having done so. It's a vicious circle.

Had I known about this promo? I may have masticated more than would be sane for any normal person.