Monday, April 29, 2013

Some YouTube video titles are misleading

For instance, this one shouldn't be titled "WOW! Huge whale scared girl in kayak..."

It should be titled "WOW! Proportionately small idiots in kayaks almost get in normal-sized whale's way...". Because honestly, who has a legitimate reason to be out there and who doesn't? The whale is taking care of various bits of whale business (which consists entirely of "being a whale") and the kayak people are just floating out there and looking around at stuff with their dumb faces. If people like that showed up where you work and just sat around looking at stuff while you tried to do your job, you'd call the cops. Why? Because nothing you do as part of your job has the potential of drowning any non-essential knuckleheads with nothing better to do than lurk around, that's why.

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