Friday, October 11, 2013

When one door opens, someone may lose an eye

This is a door inside the office where I work:
It's a problem.
There's another one on the other end of the office. They're both problems.

Not the doors themselves. They've both been there for a while and have never caused any trouble. But up until about a week ago, the little window you see was clear. You could see through it. Not anymore. Management was concerned about people outside peering in and so they had them frosted with some kind of opaque coating. This has been a source of great concern among some of the people I work with in this office.

"Ohmygod, that isn't safe!""I just know I'm going to open that door and hit somebody on the other side.""Assuming somebody doesn't hit you first!"
"I know! What were they thinking?""I know! Somebody is going to get seriously hurt.""Ohmygod, I know!"

What I take from this is that some of the people I work with have somehow lived their entire lives up until now without ever encountering a door that doesn't have a window in it.
Oh well. I guess they'll be dead soon.

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