Wednesday, February 18, 2015

TOMORROW: Stand-up comedy at Cafe Hey!

There's no need to re-post the same whole thing I put up Tuesday so I won't do that. I'll do this instead...

LIVE STAND-UP COMEDY (and music and poetry and stuff) OPEN MIC
Thursday, February 19 @ Cafe Hey - 7:30 PM
1540 N. Franklin Street, Tampa, FL

Same as last time (same as every time), I have no idea when or if I'll actually be going on, but I'll be there with the hope of doing so.

I'm going to make these announcements often so for added value, I will include a PRO TIP that will enhance your visit to the venue. That way, if you're annoyed by the gratuitous comedy plugging, at least you'll have the opportunity to learn something. Here's today's...

PRO TIP: Go early and visit the adjacent Oceanic Market, where you'll find, among other things, an entire aisle of nothing but different kinds of noodles!! It's truly incredible. Also, there are things in the produce department that genuinely frighten me. Don't forget to show up for the comedy, though.

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