Monday, February 02, 2015

Something you may not realize you ever wanted can now be yours!

Hey, I was just sitting here and wondering, have you ever wanted a picture of me, and two other guys you may or may not know, situated across your boob region on a t-shirt?
The Unbelievables, as written and portrayed by me and my partners Jeff Hickmott and Michael Noble, have produced a t-shirt that YOU can own and wear!
"Now you can show your allegiance to your favourite butt-kicking stylish crimefighters The Unbelievables with these high quality tees - just perfect for lounging by the pool, staking out the local donut shop, making a batch of whipped potatoes - or even when attending an all-day Unbelievinar on the importance of lapels."
For the unbelievably low, low price of just $18 for fellas and $21 for ladies, these sexy tee's are available in Jeff black, Michael green, Clark purple, Marissa pink and Doo-doo brown (as shown) in sizes up to 4X. And they look absolutely fantastic crumpled on someone's bedroom floor.
Everything in that paragraph IS TRUE! I'm going to get one in every color so I can show it off every day! You should get at least get one for yourself.


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