Monday, February 16, 2015

Comedy tomorrow, comedy tonight (depending entirely on when you read this)

Two posts in one day? Wow.
"Excessive! Enough words from you already! Shut up and come back Wednesday!"
Okay, that's unnecessarily rude. I'm only here again today because some people expressed disappointment that I haven't been giving any advance notice for my stand-up comedy appearances and I wanted to correct that. Let's clear up a couple of things first...

  • These are open mics. It's not like I'm a headliner or a featured act. In fact, there's no guarantee that I'll even make it on stage on a given night.
  • These are open mics. In many cases, people are working on untested, raw material. Others are inexperienced performers looking for an opportunity to rehearse. And some people are both of those things. As such, the perceived quality of the performances from an audience expecting a polished, show-bizzy "show", may will vary wildly.  
  • These are open mics, and they're live performances by live performers*. There's no way of predicting what will (or won't) happen.
Basically, what I'm saying is I make no promises of any kind. That said, by all means, you're more than welcome to attend! The next time I hope to perform is tomorrow, Tuesday, February 17, at the Double Decker Lounge at 1721 East 7th Avenue in Ybor City, sometime between 8:00PM and 10:00PM, as part of Jeff Rey's "Leg Up, Stand Up" weekly open mic workshop/showcase. Would love it if you can make it, won't be upset if you can't. But now at least you know what time it is.

PS: It's kind of smokey there, because it's a bar, Also, it looks like this at night...

* = On Friday, February 6 (my birthday), I performed at "The Bunker @ Tres Amici (remember that place???) and it was so crowded, that a group of students sat on the floor and I thought that was a truly beautiful thing. With so many people who are more than happy to stay at home, plant themselves on their couch and watch shows like "America's Next Top Eyebrows" or whatever (or far worse, live-Tweeting them, which is the equivalent of talking into a microphone that's plugged into a speaker that you have inserted into your own butt), here were people adventurous enough to not only go out and find real human beings engaged in live performance but willing to sit on the damn floor of a place to experience it. Live performers, be they musicians or poets or comedians (self-styled or otherwise) are direct descendants of the original jesters and troubadours from which all varieties of entertainment sprung, and, in my decidedly biased and buffoonishly high-minded opinion, are entitled to not only a modicum of respect, but appreciation.  

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