Monday, February 23, 2015

This week's stand-up comedy schedule

Okay, nobody should be able to complain about a lack of advance notice THIS time.
Here are the open mics I plan/hope to hit this week...

"Leg Up, Stand Up"
Tuesday, Feb 24, some time after 8PM
1721 E. 7th Avenue (Ybor City)

PRO TIP: If you like to sing, stick around after the comedy for karaoke!

"Nite Owl Comedy Open Mic"
Wednesday, Feb 25, some time after 8:45PM
11706 North 51st Street (Tampa, near USF)

PRO TIP: I've never been here before so I don't know what to tell you. Sorry. It looks cute though, doesn't it?

"Hey Open Mic @ Cafe Hey"
Thursday, Feb 26, some time after 7PM
1540 N. Franklin (Tampa, downtown)

PRO TIP: Coffee is served on big mugs so drink fast if you don't want cold coffee. They do have smaller mugs, though, and I suppose you could ask for one of those instead. I'm not smart.

Don't forget the caveats...

  • These are open mics. It's not like I'm a headliner or a featured act. In fact, there's no guarantee that I'll even make it on stage on a given night.
  • These are open mics. In many cases, people are working on untested, raw material. Others are inexperienced performers looking for an opportunity to rehearse. And some people are both of those things. As such, the perceived quality of the performances from an audience expecting a polished, show-bizzy "show", may will vary wildly.  
  • These are open mics, and they're live performances by live performers*. There's no way of predicting what will (or won't) happen.
  • Also (this is a new one that I should have mentioned previously), keep in mind I'm working on something here. As a result, if you plan to show up at all three appearances, you should expect to hear the same bits three times. As much as I'd love to see you there (you smell nice and are squishy in all the right places), it might get old for you.
Has this ever happened to you? You want to hear me run my yapper and attempt to be entertaining and humorous, but -OH NO!- you're afraid to leave your home or you live all the way out in Dayton, Ohio.
"GodDAMNit, mom! Are you ever going to stop ruining our lives with your inability to pour soft drinks?!?"
Can't somebody offer a simple, easy-to-use alternative? YES! And it's called "The Spike On The Mic Show" and it's on your computer! Simply tune in live to on Mondays at 7PM Eastern and set your ears to "Listen". That's it! No muss, no fuss, no clean-up, no divorce and no years and years of exhaustive therapy.

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