Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy Purple Rainiversary

"I hope you don't mind outfield seats"
"Purple Rain", the album, movie and concert tour came out 31 years ago. That means babies who were born as a result of any or all of those things are old enough now to complain about back pain.
Good grief.

Of course, I'm a huge Prince fan. I'm also a huge fan of Jill Jones, who plays the cocktail waitress ("Jill"). Plus, I've decided that going to a Dodgers game in Los Angeles with Apollonia is a bucket list item, so for several reasons, the movie is kind of a big deal to me. I'll celebrate the occasion by fondly reminiscing about the first time I saw it. I had an intense crush on a girl at the time, a crush that had been brewing for about four years. Taking her to this movie was our first date. That was a really good day/night, even though the crush ultimately turned out to be a bad idea. Oh well. What is there to celebrate in life other than the collection of good days/nights?

Anybody who wants to celebrate with a more tangible memento, the house that where The Kid lived and struggled with all kinds of familial dysfunction in the movie is available for sale, for a mere $110,000!

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