Friday, July 10, 2015

Yet still even more another comedy event to hawk again some more

"Basically, I want to spend every Sunday in August with you." - me, Wednesday

"What is this now? A couple of weeks ago, he told us about the thing at Side Splitters on the 9th. Then he told us about something at The Improv on the 2nd. Now what is he talking about? Does he really expect us to show up for every recital or bake sale or whatever this shrimp-head gets signed up for? Cripes, what a royal pain in the ass."

Now that you know what my mom and dad would say about this, and pretty much what they did say about any extra curricular activities I was involved with as a kid, yes, I'm inviting you to yet another stand-up comedy event that I'm participating in during August. This one is at Side Splitters, and yes, it's only a week after the one I just invited you to on June 19th and two weeks after the one I just mentioned Wednesday. That's right...


This one is a little different though...

Here's the deal: Side Splitters presents a comedy tournament every year and I've been invited to participate. I will face off against Nancy Cannon on Sunday, August 16th at 7:00 pm, prior to a show headlined by Nick Griffin. If I win (determined by audience vote), I move on to the next round to face someone else. At stake, eventually, are cash prizes and the opportunity to travel and do gigs on the road.

I'd love to have you in my corner and if you can make it out, you can use my initials (CB) as a promo code for $5 tickets at WWW.SIDESPLITTERSCOMEDY.COM. That's for the whole show, not just the tournament part. Pretty good deal (hopefully the savings offsets the indignity of having to identify as a "fan").

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