Wednesday, July 01, 2015

People who declare what's wrong with America are what's wrong with America

"The people applauding Bruce Jenner for 'being himself' are the same people who condemned Tim Tebow and told him to 'keep his beliefs to himself'. This is what is wrong with America." - as posted on the Facebook page of "Ask DrBrown" (aka Dr Michael Brown)

Really? All those people are the exact same people? All of 'em? Gee, I just don't think that's true, Doc. For example, I posted entries on this very blog about Mr. Tebow and Ms. Jenner in which I display what I'd call "mostly indifference with definite supportive leanings" toward both of them. So there's that. 

Also, I'd counter that dismissing large groups of people based on theoretically suspected beliefs and behavior rather than considering their actual merits and actions as individuals is a far bigger problem.

Well, that and also the sinister, twisted pieces of shit who paint with really wide brushes and seek to profit from fear-mongering.

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