Monday, December 07, 2015

Baby, it's colder inside than it is out here

ME: Umm, What are you doing in there?
HER: Umm, I'm sitting on your desk and looking at you through the window. I would think that would be self-evident.
ME: I think we both know that you aren't supposed to be sitting on my desk.
HER: Yeah, well, maybe if you came inside you could do something about it.
ME: Hey, my house, my rules.
HER: As previously established, you aren't currently in the house, so in absentia, you have, in effect, vacated your authority to enforce these "rules" of yours. Therefor, I see them less as "rules" and more as arbitrary suggestions or guidelines. Regardless of the circumstance, I don't necessarily feel that I need to comply.
ME: I'm coming inside in two seconds. Are you going to get down?
HER: I'm not going to make any promises but I'll see what I can do.

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