Thursday, December 03, 2015

Clarketplace: The various wares of the enterprising Jeff Hickmott

I'll let Jeff say it all...

Hi, my name is Jeff Hickmott and I am a blogger, podcaster and sometime photographer. Please peruse the following items I have available for your pleasure this holiday season (and every other day of the year).

First I should mention that along with the esteemed Mr. Clark Brooks and Michael Noble, Esq., I co-write a humorous fiction blog entitled The Unbelievables. if you'd like to read about our exploits, head on over to If you read it and find you enjoy it, why not show off your neat sense of reading style by purchasing a T-shirt or two and either wearing them yourself or (and this is the festive holiday type part) giving them as gifts!

There are two styles to try: This is the first design and a true classic. It's a unisex Fruit Of The Loom tee and it's a paltry $18.00.
I have this in purple - Clark
See? - Clark This second design has a different picture on the front, AND (!!) the original on the back! It's also a unisex tee and will set you back only $23.00.

I also pen a blog called The World Of Jeff! and one of the pictures I use as a background is a picture I took when in Brighton, of a spray-painted cassette design on a telephone junction box. I digitally tinkered with the picture till I just had the cassette in white on a purple background.  This design on a tee is available at
and is a mere $13.00.

I host a podcast called The Podcast Of Jeff (great title, eh?) and one of the regular shows I do is called Into The Unknown. It's a new music showcase and comes out three to four times a month. You can listen to it at

You can also hear archived episodes at

You can also buy official Into The Unknown tees at

These are also a meagre $13.00.

Some of my photos are available on RedBubble as tees, pillows, mugs, etc... Find them at

I hope you like these items and have a happy and healthy holiday season. Kooshti Sante!
01580763756 Home
07506899337 Mob

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