Friday, March 04, 2016

A glimmer of hope?

I don't know about you, but trying to find reasons to maintain faith in humanity seems to be turning into a real struggle. I have no doubt that kind and intelligent people are out there doing kind and intelligent things, just like they always have. They don't get the pub, though. The spotlight more and more falls on the Donald Trumps and Martin Shkrelis of the world. Far, far worse are the people arguing for and against them (aka "Don't Read The Comments"). All sides of any issue just spewing the most beyond-reason, malevolent vitriol possible. These nasty exploits are so prevalent that attempting to ignore them, which is virtually impossible if you're a sentient being, is a more viable alternative to finding their equals and opposites.

Well, guess what?
The other day, my friend Max Herman, a fellow local comic, shared this on Facebook. (I'm posting screencaps just to prove this actually happened, because I still kind of can't believe it myself)...

"Hear me out before you post another "they can't even get my order right" post on social media...
McDonalds can stop trying to create "gourmet burgers" and stick to exactly why the f*ck we went there in the first place. Stop making $100billion a year as a company and start making $99billion while paying the worker enough to give a shit about his/her job... THEN they'll get my order right. Duh America!
‪#‎DuhAmerica‬ ‪#‎Wakeup‬ ‪#‎PutTheShoeOnYourOwnFoot‬"
Here's a link to the embedded image that is way too small to read.

Against my better judgment, I posted a comment. Before I show you what happened next, I just want you to know that I don't need you to tell me I'm right or wrong and why. You aren't going to change my mind or make me feel more right than I already do, okay? By all means, feel free to chime in, just know that the point here isn't the issue itself, it's the discussion of that issue that ensued. Cool? Cool,

Anyway, here's my initial salvo...

"I never understood the EMT vs fast food worker memes. Was I supposed to believe that paying fast food workers more meant taking dollars directly out of EMT pockets? Why would those two jobs be line items in the same budget?"

Later, this popped up (here's where the discussion jumps off. Also, it's worth noting that I don't know this guy)...

"The issue is asking for a raise while not doing your job..lots of jobs are under paid, but lots of people knew the salary prior to getting involved in that said job. The goal shouldn't be hand me more money and raise the pay the goal should be you want more money than go after it. Become your own boss and truly your money will be a direct reflection of you."
"What if, for whatever reason, fast food is the only industry where an individual can get a job? Some people can't hold out for better positions or be their own boss. Also, society needs people to do these 'menial' tasks. If they work hard and they're good at their job, they should expect to be compensated for it."
"I agree "if" they work hard. Unfortunately these "can't get my order post" happen for a reason. While many do work hard and may deserve it those same ones need to understand all the ones they do not act professional and make mistakes constantly will prevent these compensations. Put it this way, either they raise the wages and make it a lot harder for people to get these kind of jobs or they can keep wages where they are at and expect the same type of applicants. If the minimum wage is raised so should the standards of the employees they hire. I believe if it is raised that more college students will apply to help pay for school and overall you will have better service at these places. Problem with that is a lot people who rely on working at places like this will have trouble beating the ther applicants and not only will they not make the 8-10 dollars an hour but will also be without a job. Just my opinion though."

"I don't disagree. And for what it's worth, I don't believe anybody should expect to get wealthy or even raise an extended family as a frontline employee at a fast food restaurant.
One minor contention: low-paid fast food workers aren't the only people who get their orders wrong. Far better paid and highly skilled people like doctors and lawyers botch their jobs too. The only reason I mention that is that low pay doesn't automatically equate with incompetence."

"I agree there are some very intelligent people that for one reason or another ended up with a low paid job. Intelligence alone doesn't make a good worker. I think the moral to all this is if you want a better life you gotta make sacrifices and better choices. For example Max here has worked for no money to pursue what job he wants. Not many will do that and that's the difference between asking for a raise so you can have a better life and working hard through the tough life to have a better life."

Notice what did NOT happen:

  • Neither of us claimed to be anything but an individual with a personal opinion.
  • Neither of us convinced the other that they were wrong, however...
  • Neither of us TRIED to convince the other that they were wrong.
  • Nobody won, however...
  • Nobody lost.
  • He didn't call me a communist.
  • I didn't call him a fascist.
  • I didn't criticize his spelling or grammar.
  • He didn't call my mother a whore.
This was on Facebook, folks. Facebook! In the comments!

On February 23, 2016, a discussion on social media between two people with opposing opinions responding to each other in a civil manner and with respect, happened.

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