Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Another dream come true

I grew up on a TV diet of David Letterman and Saturday Night Live, near the tail end of Johnny Carson's reign as the king of the late night talk show. Of course, I watched cartoons on Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons plus all kinds of "prime time" programming, but late night was the Good Stuff as far as I was concerned. Talk shows were such a fun, odd thing to me. Celebrities yukking it up and telling stories like it was the most comfortable, natural thing in the world when it was a completely unnatural, artifically manufactured environment, with plants and artwork with coffee cups to sip from while having a conversation with someone sitting at a desk facing the same direction as your chair. It sure looked like fun, though, and I wanted to do it.
I came kinda close when I saw a live taping of an episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. When the show was finished, I asked if I could sit on the couch (this was when they had a couch) and she graciously said yes, if I made it quick. This was pre-smart phones and selfies so I don't have documentation but I did it.
My ass was here
A couple of months ago, back in November, I finally got a chance to cross this bucket list item off the bucket list I don't have when the super-cool people who operate Kymatic Studios invited me to be on their 'underground' internet TV show, "Late Night at Kymatic" with hosts Dan McCune and Jason Beck. After about seven minutes of jokes on the stage, I was invited over to the set to gab about stuff. So much fun! Here's that...

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