Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The night I didn't win

As previously stated, I was eliminated from the Stand-Up Comedy Tournament at Side Splitters after reaching the "Elite Eight" from an opening field of 64 comics. In case you missed it because you really, really wanted to go but were unable to attend for whatever reason (A friend of mine texted me a picture of her daughter in a hospital bed as proof that she couldn't come. Jesus! Okay! Stay home! Jesus!) or you were there having a good time and you wanted to relive it again (and again and again) or if you hate me and you want to revel in the idea of me weeping inconsolably after this was over (note: that didn't happen, so suck it), or even if none of those things apply to you and your individual circumstances, here's a video of that performance.

 I don't really care that I "lost" (I prefer to see it as "didn't win") because I enjoyed myself. I hope you did/do likewise. You too, haters (I reiterate: suck it).

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