Monday, March 14, 2016

Who knows what's happening here?

My friend Alison posted this picture of a billboard in Pasco County (Florida) on Facebook yesterday...
My first reaction was that it's oddly specific and ambiguous at the same time.
Yes, I recognize Sylvester 'Sly' Stallone as the star of the Rocky and Rambo franchises, along with other testosterone-y flicks.
Yes, I realize that in many of those movies, he strives to portray characters that embody the American flag.
And I'm fully aware of the fact that Pasco County is...different.
"Benedic Corda Eorum"
But I'm just not sure why we're congratulating Mr. Stallone. His Oscar nomination perhaps? On getting those movies made which then turned us into American men? Why a billboard? Who paid for the billboard?

I don't have a criticism, just these questions. If anybody knows what's going on here, please let me know.

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