Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I may have to finally break down and buy a digital camera...

This is a short list of things I have seen over the last couple of days but am unable to share with you because I don't own a digital camera, my last remaining foothold in my holdout against all manner of modern tools/toys:
  • A panhandler wearing a Tommy Hilfiger tee shirt
  • A sign on a 1957 Thunderbird that said "NOT FOR SALE". I mean, isn't that just asking for an unnecessary confrontation? 'Hey, I saw your sign. I wasn't thinking of buying a vintage T-Bird but now I kinda want one. Are you sure it isn't for sale?'
  • A church marquee that said "IF LOVING THE LORD IS WRONG I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT". Well, first that in itself is wrong. Second, that was a joke from Coming To America and while you may love the Lord, I'm guessing He's not crazy about you ripping off Arsenio Hall's material.
  • A family's car breaking down in the middle of an intersection and them getting out and pushing it out of the street into a shopping center's parking lot. Now that in itself isn't noteworthy. What is noteworthy is them not just pushing it into a parking spot to see what was wrong and waiting for assistance, but actually pushing it around the parking lot until they got to the store they wanted to shop at and going in and doing exactly that.

I love where I live!

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