Thursday, July 06, 2006

Time out for sports! (Carl Crawford)

First of all, as someone who seeks nothing more than entertainment out of sports, I LOVE White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. There hasn't been a manager this colorful in baseball since the last time Billy Martin got fired and baseball has undoubtedly suffered because of it. However, I have an issue with Mr. Guillen and it has nothing to do with the PC mess he finds himself in over calling Jay Mariotti a "fag" (Ozzie should have known better: everyone knows that Jay Mariotti is a tool, not a fag).
No, where Ozzie Guillen comes off as a complete idiot is in leaving Carl Crawford off the American League All-Star team. I know, I know, Crawford plays for the Devil Rays and in the current sports universe represented by the unnecessarily snarky, unjustifiably smug and generally just mean-spirited mouthpieces like Jim Rome, Stephen A. (guess what the 'A' stands for) Smith and the rest of the talking suits at ESPN, teams like the Devil Rays exist for the sole purpose of something to poke fun at (as long as they're in last place, anyway. Once they're not, all is forgotten by these frontrunners. See "Tigers, Detroit" as exhibit A) and therefor, not entitled to representation at all star games. But Carl Crawford is hitting .325 with 12 homers, 45 RBI and he's leading the American League in stolen bases with 32! Which of the following outfielders are having better all around seasons: Jermaine Dye (.322, 21, 58 & 3) , Gary Matthews (.331, 8, 43 & 5), Alex Rios (.330, 15, 53 & 9) Grady Sizemore (.301, 15, 42 & 13) or Vernon Wells (.310, 20, 63 & 10)? Maybe Rios. Maybe. Yet each of those guys are on the squad while Crawford is not.
That's completely idiotic.

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