Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Wouldst thou like a cart, m'lady? Pardon me, I don't mean to intrude. But I noticed you were on your way inside yon Kash N Karry without the benefit of any type of suitable conveyance in which to transport your purchases. Worry not fair maiden, for I have such a cart here and believe me when I tell you that she will serve you well, just as she has me. This cart has been my trusted companion on a very long journey from produce to men's hygiene to dairy and back again (for I had forgotten to pick up romaine lettuce). Ah, I see you taking measure of this steed! Let me assure you, all four wheels turn freely and in the direction you steer her, the plastic on the push handle is intact and if you're wondering if the space below the main cargo area is suitable for carrying a 30 pound bag of non-scented cat litter, I reply with a hearty "Aye, 'tis so!" No doubt you've noted the filthy piece of mop string wrapped around the right front axle. Alas, your eye does not deceive you, m'lady. 'Tis an unfortunate blemish on this shiney steel beast, true, but rest assured, it will hinder thee not. Whether it is speed you require to dispatch other shoppers seeking to hoard those delicious four-for-five dollars Totino's Party Pizzas or the agility to navigate past a spreading puddle of regurgitated Raviolios and Lucky Charms in the beverage aisle, this is one cart that will not fail thee. So, you've chosen to take my heed and enlist this cart on your journey! You've chosen wisely, m'lady. Your trust will not be forsaken. I shall miss her but fortune dictates that we now take our seperate paths. This cart, now yours, will accompany you on your greatest grocery shopping adventure this week. As for myself...well, my DodgeCaravan awaits...and I have kids to pick up at soccer practice. Fare thee well!

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