Thursday, July 20, 2006

Some minor pet peeves

If the collective "YOU" would correct the following, I'd be much happier. So thanks.
  • Stop reading and writing contractions that end in "'ve" phonetically. It's "have", not "of". "I COULD HAVE been a contender" makes perfect sense. "I COULD OF been a contender" makes none.
  • Minor league baseball players, even those playing in non-MLB affiliated leagues, get paid to play baseball, which makes them professional baseball players. They do not need to reach the Major Leagues to be pros.
  • Like, for the love of God, stop, like, using the word "like" as, like, a verbal crutch.
  • Ground rules are special rules particular to each baseball park (or grounds), based on the unique dimensions and attributes of each particular park. However, in every park, a fair ball that bounces over the outfield fence and out of play is a double. That means it's not a ground rule, so it's not a Ground Rule Double. Unless a fair ball that clears the outfield fence on the fly is a Ground Rule Home Run. Every sportscaster in the world makes this mistake.

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